Our Commitment

San Francisco Bay Marinas for All, Inc. (SF Bay Marinas for All) is a California public benefit, and 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit corporation. Formed by sailors, rowers and residents of floating communities, its vision and mission is to preserve access by the public to mixed-use marinas in and around the San Francisco Bay Area for all uses.  Such mixed-use public access includes the undertaking of commercial activities, recreation and the establishment and protection of floating communities that support public trust purposes and public use of the water for recreational and commercial purposes.  The current focus of SF Bay Marinas for All is to "Save Docktown" and continue Docktown's rich 50-plus year history of operation, as a floating community that cleans Redwood Creek several times a year and supports multiple public trust uses of the Creek via the Docktown harbor and marina.  

Please contact us for more information, and we invite you to donate to our cause, our vision and our mission today!